Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tri Results Posted

The tri results from Sunday are posted:

20th out of 22 women in my age group (35-39), 68th out of 72 women overall (but last 2 dnf). Not fabulous but not last.

Swim in 10 min. 33 sec. (I had estimated 10 minutes, and we didn't get to wear wetsuits which are an advantage),
5 min. 27 sec. in the first transition, which seems bad except the time started leaving the gate of the pool, you did have to run to the way back of the bike rack first, and then had to walk or run your bike pretty far out before being allowed to get on it...,
53 min. 18 sec. on the bike, not too bad considering it had an extra piece of hill I didn't realize in training,
2 min. 33 sec. in the second transition, not bad, could have been shorter but I was basically resting and psyching myself up, and
43 min. 34 sec. on the run/walk. That was my weakness. Although I ran a lot, I did have to walk some here and there, which slowed me down.

Overall time therefore was 1 hr., 55 min., 25 seconds, so I DID meet my sub 2 hours goal. (If I had also met my no walking goal I would have obliterated it, though, so better goals for next year!)

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