Wednesday, April 28, 2010

He Hate Me

No, I am not talking about Rod Smart, although I’m pretty sure I’m one of the only people (and DEFINITELY the only girl!) who actually LIKED the XFL and was bummed it didn’t take.  No, I’m just talking about my kid.  Charming 4 and ¾ that he is, he is going through a weird stage where he is taking turns not liking us.  Friday eve and Saturday morning he spent some reeeeeally quality Daddy time, including getting to go watch airplanes practically landing on their heads at Gravelly Point Park, and they both reported nothing but happiness and peace.  Saturday afternoon and eve then, I gave Daddy some time off and was looking forward to an equally pleasant alone time with the boy. 

But then, out of nowhere, he turned on me.

And that was how the evening went, crabby boy, mommy trying to be nice and fun but not allowing bad behavior to go unchecked, and eventually resorting to taking the bedtime stories away (which is the one thing he can’t handle the loss of), and I was told in no uncertain terms that he didn’t like me.  Throughout the evening he kept asking where Daddy was, and he wouldn’t say good night to me after I tucked him in.  The kicker was, though, that the next morning it was like it never happened, and by the end of Sunday he decided he didn’t like Daddy and that Daddy was bad.  Completely unprovoked.  Go figure!

My Caps must hate me, too.  They’re killing me with the apparent lack of interest in doing well in the first round.  Wed. is Game 7 of Round 1, a position they should not be in!

On the health front, my exercise over the last week or so has consisted of this:

Tuesday:  brisk 1 hour lunchtime walk
Wednesday: sick from pollen, skipped pole class
Thursday: brisk 1 hour lunchtime walk
Friday: nothing
Saturday: make up pole class (a butt kicker!) and evening housework (up and down townhouse stairs)
Sunday: brisk 1 hour walk, followed by a whole day of active family time at not one but TWO spring festivals.
Monday: nothing
Tuesday: brisk 1 hour lunchtime walk, on which a goose that I was walking a little close to hissed at me.  Who knew a goose could hiss?

That sounds fairly lame, and it doesn’t include weights yet, but technically that’s 5 cardio workouts in 8 days.  Could be worse!  Now, if that chocolate would stop finding its way to my face...

Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Slice of Mid-Life Crisis Served with a Dollop of I-Don’t-Even-Know-What…

Regular readers (if I have any out there other than the one or two I know of), here I am, posting again.  Oh, a long absence, you say- must mean things aren’t going very well!  Indeed.  I read a book a few months ago written by a girl who lost over 100 pounds just on her own (entitled “Half-Assed”, I’ve probably already mentioned it) and who blogged about it on the way, as have many other success stories that I’m hoping to emulate.  She said that in the weight loss blogging world, it is widely known that people who disappear from writing for a time almost ALWAYS have fallen off the wagon.  Well, folks, I might need to change my analogy there, because I have fallen off (and stayed off) the wagon so many times I would not have any intact bone structure left were it a reality.  Perhaps a kinder terminology can be created for me, like “taking a break.”

-complete tangent here- Do you know and love the late, great, George Carlin?  That idea reminds me of his bit on the differences between baseball and football.  If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check it out.

Anyway, I’m back for now, and I’m seeming to be in more of a mental fuddle than ever!  The previous concept I started of “39 to Happiest to 365” is definitely still in the cards, but I need to come back on board first of all, and secondly I need to count the days differently.  I was absolutely losing track of which day it was when I wasn’t posting often enough, and it was a pain to recount.  Maybe it would strike more fear and understanding in me to see the days ticking DOWN to the big day of reckoning rather than upward.  T-minus 307 days today, for example.  And then each time I check in with myself I can do the math as to how fast I would have to lose to meet my “deadline”- always touted as an unhealthy way to look at it, but I can’t help it, that’s how I roll.  I’m still able to meet my ultimate goal at this point by losing an average of about pound every 4 days.  The max recommended usually to do realistically and safely is 2 pounds a week, so this week is pretty much the moment of truth for me.  I’m still good there, but if I don’t get going asap, I’ll be looking at meeting my goal past when I want to, which is a pretty defeating position to be in mentally.

As far as the mid-life crisis thing, I think I’m only going to delve into it in a piecemeal fashion here and there on this blog, for now.  It feels like a huge can of worms spewing out everywhere when I bring it up, so I need to sneak up on it, and just pick at it, gradually.  Suffice it to say that it comes and goes, but toward the end of last week it felt like it was in a full rage.  And then it let up over the weekend.  And later this week it's kinda back on again.  So many issues to talk about, but so little time, stay tuned…

(P.S. I have been exercising since Saturday or so- I had a make up pole dancing class that kicked my ass on Saturday, I took thousands of trips up and down my townhouse stairs carrying piles and boxes Sunday while purging the house of excess stuff, which made me feel almost as light as having lost real weight, went for a jog Monday eve, and went for a very long and very brisk walk at lunch Tuesday, which I topped off with walking up the 8 flights of stairs to my office. (That part was a mistake, I was gasping like a fish on land!)  But then pollen and a sick kid got me, so I’ve missed a couple days since…