Wednesday, April 28, 2010

He Hate Me

No, I am not talking about Rod Smart, although I’m pretty sure I’m one of the only people (and DEFINITELY the only girl!) who actually LIKED the XFL and was bummed it didn’t take.  No, I’m just talking about my kid.  Charming 4 and ¾ that he is, he is going through a weird stage where he is taking turns not liking us.  Friday eve and Saturday morning he spent some reeeeeally quality Daddy time, including getting to go watch airplanes practically landing on their heads at Gravelly Point Park, and they both reported nothing but happiness and peace.  Saturday afternoon and eve then, I gave Daddy some time off and was looking forward to an equally pleasant alone time with the boy. 

But then, out of nowhere, he turned on me.

And that was how the evening went, crabby boy, mommy trying to be nice and fun but not allowing bad behavior to go unchecked, and eventually resorting to taking the bedtime stories away (which is the one thing he can’t handle the loss of), and I was told in no uncertain terms that he didn’t like me.  Throughout the evening he kept asking where Daddy was, and he wouldn’t say good night to me after I tucked him in.  The kicker was, though, that the next morning it was like it never happened, and by the end of Sunday he decided he didn’t like Daddy and that Daddy was bad.  Completely unprovoked.  Go figure!

My Caps must hate me, too.  They’re killing me with the apparent lack of interest in doing well in the first round.  Wed. is Game 7 of Round 1, a position they should not be in!

On the health front, my exercise over the last week or so has consisted of this:

Tuesday:  brisk 1 hour lunchtime walk
Wednesday: sick from pollen, skipped pole class
Thursday: brisk 1 hour lunchtime walk
Friday: nothing
Saturday: make up pole class (a butt kicker!) and evening housework (up and down townhouse stairs)
Sunday: brisk 1 hour walk, followed by a whole day of active family time at not one but TWO spring festivals.
Monday: nothing
Tuesday: brisk 1 hour lunchtime walk, on which a goose that I was walking a little close to hissed at me.  Who knew a goose could hiss?

That sounds fairly lame, and it doesn’t include weights yet, but technically that’s 5 cardio workouts in 8 days.  Could be worse!  Now, if that chocolate would stop finding its way to my face...

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