Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Worst Weight Loss Blog Ever?

Am I perhaps unique in the fact that I am a weight loss blogger of sorts, but I don't actually stick to any of my healthy eating or exercise plans for long, I frequently don't continue to take heed of the things I learn after I learn them, and I definitely haven't lost my extra weight yet?   I just read an article about how prolific the weight loss blogger success stories are, and how helpful the process is.  And it made me step back and laugh at myself.  I believe in the process, but somehow I've managed to cheat it and myself in the process.  Not enough people write about that, at least not that I've run across.

I know some people read this journal because they are or have been friends with me and either find it interesting, enjoy the personal anecdotes, or whatever.  And I love having a place to say whatever is on my mind with the knowledge that one or two people might be listening.  But what if you had found me on a search for inspiration to embark on your own weight loss journey?  Pretty sure I'd be doing you a disservice in the inspiration department.

Personally, I need to find more weight loss bloggers who are in the same struggling phase as me.  I've seen plenty of the fatty to fabulous pictures, heard plenty about how they were able to make the decision to focus on that goal and just get there one day at a time.  And then, armed with the understanding that I'm not the only one who sucks at this but still has the gall to write about it, perhaps I could just start heading down the right track for once and for all.  Maybe 2011 is my year.

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