Sunday, February 13, 2011

Underwear is Fun to Wear!

So, today I participated in the "Cupid's Undies Run" in DC.  It's a charity benefit, and as evident in the title, people run a little over a mile in mostly only their underwear.  In public.  In February.

So, picture hanging out in a bar with 500 people you mostly don't know, about equally men and women, all decked out in the scantiest, wackiest and/or most attention-getting garb they could come up with.  There were tons of women in pink, red, and heart laden undies, some even with wings.  There were boys with body hugging superhero underwear, hearts carved into their chest hair, etc.  It was awesome.  And to be honest, with that many people standing around in their underwear, it didn't feel nearly as awkward as I expected to take off my pants, put them in a bag, and give them to the coat check guy.  Even though the bar was stuffed with underwear clad people wall-to-wall, at times having to push past each other, it was all cool.

I was there with a team of ladies from the DivaFit studio, and we all wore pink feather boas to supplement our Divalicious wardrobes.  It was sunny but still fairly winter-breezy out, and I had on knee high socks, and another pair that I cut the feet out of as arm warmers.

The short run took us by the Supreme Court and the Capitol, with loads of spectators along the way, and it was an exercise in fun, taking pictures, laughing at ourselves and other people, and major camaraderie.  When it was time to reclaim our stuff and put pants back on after having them off for a couple of hours, THAT almost felt weird.  I think my husband thought I was completely out of my mind for doing this, but I couldn't be more pleased with the experience!  We're already plotting next year's team attire...

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