Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Biggest Loser is Back!

I adore the Biggest Loser.  It kills me when it is not on over the summer, and I am grateful that it has returned this week.  It is simply the most inspiring thing out there when it comes to weight loss motivation.  Now, unfortunately, thus far I am and have remained one of those people that sits on my butt watching it, feeling inspired on the inside, but not doing anything about my own achievement needs on the outside.  Season after season I've told myself "I'm going to lose weight while they do", and yet each season as the finale approaches I watch the girls get skinny and awesome and I stay the same.

I do believe that anyone can do it, I really do.  I also believe that it is technically possible to do it at home, at a more human pace, while juggling a real life.  **However. ** I also believe that most or all of those contestants were primarily able to find this success because of the catalyst of starting on the show, and being forced to get it going, thereby feeling good about the early success and having something to build on.  THAT is where I struggle.  Fortunately, I am not nearly big enough to be on the show, although I do have a significant amount of weight to lose.  But if there was ever any way to actually take a piece of time out of my regular life to start the focus and introspection process, and to have a beloved Bob or Jillian give me a ferocious workout that would make me feel strong and proud of myself and help give me the drive to get that giant ball rolling and keep it rolling, it would be a dream come true.


E. Jane said...

While I occasionally watch TBL, I think their super fast weight loss methods are unrealistic and unhealthy. This may be good entertainment, but weight loss is not just about exercising for almost all of one's waking hours. Eating healthy and more moderate exercise are key to losing weight and keeping it off. In many cases, the contestants don't keep it off--primarily because the way it is lost cannot be sustained.

Carbie Girl said...

I've never seen the show but I do have one of the cookbooks. I suck at watching those shows cuz I hate the anticipation of waiting for the next week to come lol I think if i were ever on a show like that I would drop MAJOR poundage because I'd want to be the best. But if I dont have the same help and push after the show is over I'd be the one who gains all the weight back.. i would imagine keeping the weight off afterwards has to be harder!

Sarah said...

I find the Biggest Loser incredibly inspiring too. When someone complains or wants to quit, I remind myself that I NEVER aspire to be THAT person. And when someone excels, I want that for myself too!

LOVE it!

Sarah @ Thinfluenced

P.S. I'm a new follower. :)

Cat said...

Sarah, welcome! Carbie Girl, for some reason I feel differently about maintenance, like it would be easier because you wouldn't have to reach a calorie deficit, just would have to avoid an overload. Plus the newly fit body would burn calories more easily. Hopefully someday I'll have that problem to worry about! :)

And agreed, the rate of weight loss is by no means reasonable or realistic on the show, but it sure does make it seem possible for anyone no matter how far gone to be able to do it, even if it takes much longer...