Saturday, January 28, 2012

Shark Week Sucks

Ok, so I've been kicking ass here.  Working out weekly with a trainer and additionally on my own other days, counting calories, making sure I'm eating the right things, burning enough by staying active, etc.  And to show for it I am (was?) 6 pounds down.

Now, this week has been a bit of a hiccup.  1) I have been more tired, both body and sleep wise.  2) It was a weird, busy week.  3) I had to endure dental torture, which opens up my deepest, darkest terrors to deal with.  And last, but most certainly not least, 4) It's the week before my cycle starts up.  I know, I know, EXCUSE, it truly is, and a lame one at that.  Many, many months I don't let it get too much the better of me, others it really kicks my ass.  Like this one.  Historically, we've begun to refer to this week as "Shark Week", because it can become an uncontrolled feeding frenzy.

Long story short, I took a break, but I am back on the horse tomorrow, and I don't think it was too much of a setback.  As long as it doesn't continue.  Hopefully my trainer will beat it out of me this morning.  (Not a good sign that I'm up so late, though!!!)

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E. Jane said...

I hope your break has been rejuvenating and that you are back on track. This weight loss stuff can be exhausting, but what can we do? We have to keep on trying...and it can happen--if we make it happen. Take care...