Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Identified and Survived Day One-

So, Monday morning I woke up at 6:30 to work out, as I have been while on vacation, and for some reason, everything clicked. I decided I was ready to start staying within the Weight Watchers Points system, in addition to continuing to ramp up my workouts. The other times I've ever succeeded in weight loss, I've had the same sensation at the beginning, like it was the right time and I was truly ready. Sadly, I can't seem to control the timing and get it to click on when I want to, but it seems to coincide with times of being on vacation. Guess I need to decompress from everything else before I can focus on taking care of me! Regardless, I felt it, decided today was the day, and I had a great workout. So, for controlling food intake, I have always done well with Weight Watchers as my "diet" program, because it is flexible, and it teaches you how to eat real food you can live with while losing weight and to continue on later. My perfectionist self has a problem with an all or nothing mentality, so I waited until this morning to report about yesterday, but I did sort of well with room for improvement. (My meat choice of a lamb chop was fattier than I realized AFTER I ate it, and I had a little extra desert.) But it was a decent start to improve on today, and this morning's workout was a breakthrough- I ran one mile straight. I thought I was going to croak, but I pulled some Jillian/Biggest Loser mind games on myself. I imagined that there was a game-affecting advantage at the end of the mile, and if you stopped jogging for even a second the buzzer would sound and you'd be disqualified. Hearing that in Jillian's voice was pretty effective! Back in the day I could run 3-4 miles without going to the hospital, and someday I'd like to dabble in triathlon again. So, all in all, a great start and today's another new day!

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