Monday, September 21, 2009

Dessert Weekend, Biggest Loser Season 8

Ok, so the weekend at my aunt and uncle's house was the bomb. We did fun stuff for my kid, but then spent a lot of time relaxing and eating her fabulous cooking, too. And she brought out the desserts, which, unfortunately, I didn't hold back on, but it was very enjoyable. Peach cobbler, (Honeycrisp) apple pie, applesauce cake, ice cream... I have a lot to atone for. I intend to restart this sugar elimination program again this week, and get to the gym to start lifting weights, until I get the green light to get back to running, biking, pole dancing, and hockey.

Biggest Loser has finally started!!! I have only watched half of the first episode, because I want to try to make sure I get the most out of the workout motivation when I am watching it, and tonight I was just too tired (and I've been too busy to watch it sooner.) I am not going to make my usual challenge/decree to lose major weight upon the start of this show, because I've said it before and not followed through. But I do hope to harness some of the motivation that the show gives me, and not just sit on the couch eating and staying the same weight week after week while these people get thinner, as I have done in past seasons.

I'm off now before bed to clear out the last of my junk food and set up the steel cut oatmeal to cook overnight. Hoping for some success again with the program, although I've written off making much progress before my "deadlines", but I could still look and feel a lot better within 3 weeks before my HS reunion, 4 weeks before my Vegas vacation, and 6 weeks 'til Halloween.

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