Monday, October 12, 2009

Must Exercise Soon!

Ok, so I've come fairly unraveled of late in the health management and weight loss/fitness improvement department (sounds a lot more positive and healthy to put it that way than "diet", right?!), and I can attribute it to several things. The biggest one, I think, is lack of exercise. For 8 sessions now (just over 5 weeks) I've been getting physical therapy to work on my sore hip, and tomorrow is the last visit. Thank God, because as wonderful as it feels to get a body part massaged, stretched, worked out, and electro-treated, it has been killing my work schedule. And, not exercising has been throwing me so far off that now that I'm being asked to return to doing it a little bit, I'm so used to slothing again that I'm not getting it done. Ugh, the all-or-nothing mentality rearing it's ugly head again!

Mentally things have been no picnic, either. I've got a host of unproductive and outright negative things going on up there, but I did get over one hurdle that was causing a little bit of angst, my 20 year HS reunion. Mind you, I didn't go to the main (expensive) event, but instead took control of the situation and created my own mini-event as part of the reunion weekend. This allowed me to see a fairly good number of people, primarily the ones I'd want to see, invite a few people from surrounding classes, and have it in a less expensive and more casual venue. This was perfect for me, and I was very pleased with the turnout as well as the enjoyability of the evening. Sure, the pics of the main event make me kinda wish I had gone, but at 100 bucks a head plus cocktail attire (of which I have none) plus cash bar = no thanks, need the money for the Vegas vaca. But I was surprised at how much weirdness this event brought on mentally, and am glad it is over.

I will probably have nothing else good to say on-topic until after the Vegas adventure. The good part is, despite the fact that we will be eating in fabulous restaurants and several all-you-can-eat situations, usually in Vegas I walk my feet off, and usually lose a pound or two as a result, rather than gaining. Either way, I am confident I will return feeling refreshed and re-inspired. Especially since the "pressure" weight loss deadlines have passed, and prove that it is not a good idea for me to have a goal deadline. I weigh a couple of pounds more now than when I started this blog last year, but the reunion is over, I have clothes I'm happy with and revised expectations in that department for the vacation, and a costume that I love despite the lack of weight loss for Halloween. Yes, "starting" during the holiday and cold weather season is brutally tough, but as I will be recommencing the Sugar detox again post vacation, I think it can go much differently this time.

Wish me fun and luck! :)

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