Thursday, April 7, 2011

Running is Relative

Today I went for what I'd hoped would be a run.  I'm using the app "RunKeeper" on my iPhone, and it keeps track via GPS of where/how far you've gone, time, pace, topography, etc., it's awesome.  I've run or walked (or a combo) 5 times since March 26.  A slow start, but already far more than I worked out all winter.

The problem is, my body is not up to speed, and it's so hard to be patient with it.  My plan was to run today, but it was a slow, hobbling walk with super tight ankles.  I trudged uphill, and threw in a slow shuffling jog on the downhill here and there.  I've had this kind of chronic ankle tightness before, and the only fix was to work through it gradually and improve my fitness, but unfortunately I tend to be as impatient as I am inconsistent.  I only went 2.7 miles is 42 and a half minutes.  Ouch.

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