Thursday, April 28, 2011

Viva Las Vegas!

So, our Vegas trip was everything I'd hoped it'd be.  Relaxing, indulgent, entertaining, relationship strengthening, exciting.  I decompressed from all the madness of the last few months (so much so that I missed the whole first afternoon and evening.)  I got a break from being a responsible mom, even though I missed my pumpkin terribly every single day.  I got my Zen on, floating around in the lazy river soaking up the summer-like sun.  We spent many hours and many dollars dining on amazing, often famous chef created food.  We drank all we could of champagne when given the opportunity.  We bonded as a couple and created great memories with two of our dearest friends.  I wore higher than usual heels (other than for pole classes) and shorter than usual skirts.  We learned how to play Craps (which I am sure I will promptly forget.)  We watched a LOT of people.  Rich people, obnoxious people, bitchy people, tacky people.  We saw amazing things at the pawn shop featured on "Pawn Stars" and got kicked out so they could film an episode.  We met some crazy cabbies.  We renewed our vows at the Little White Wedding Chapel, wedding place of a number of celebrities, which is cheezy as hell and the epitome of Vegas weddings, but it was also serious enough to be meaningful for us.  We also enjoyed some later evening entertainment.  I feel fully refreshed, rejuvenated, and revived, and I loved every second of it, with the possible exception of the 5 hour flight with no tv screens (damn you, US Airways!)

We extended the vacation by only being home for 36 hours and then heading to the beach with the family to celebrate Easter weekend.  As such, Monday and the early part of this week were pretty brutal on the re-entry.  But it is worth it to shake up your life once in a while, even (and especially) for someone as into having a regular routine as me!

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