Sunday, October 9, 2011

Weekend Workouts

My workouts yesterday and today have consisted of about 5 hours of nonstop garage work on Saturday, as in pulling stuff out, sorting it, unpacking boxes, gathering trash and giveaway items, repacking etc.  I sat down only twice for a combined total of about 20 minutes.  Never was it cardio intensive, but it burned a ton of energy and calories, and made every limb and my back sore.  We made fantastic progress toward finishing getting it unpacked and set up, too!

Today I took advantage of the spectacular sunny and warm but not hot weather system we are in and took a long walk in the neighborhood.  I went 3 miles at about a 17.5 minute per mile average.  This seems slow to me, but it is where I am fitness wise at the moment, a starting point.  I wasn't feeling ready for run intervals yet.

Food-wise, I have been eating less sugar this weekend (although not none), but this evening I have a gigantic, throbbing  headache to show for it.  Detox stinks.  Happily, tomorrow is an extra day off to relax and hang out with my son.  :)

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