Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009 is Going to be a Great Year!

It has only been 2009 for about 24 hours now, but I am already filled with a sense of optimism that this really is the year that I will succeed in changing my life. Being a better me starts today, and starts again every day from now on. I am blessed with a wonderfully happy life, but I feel 2008 was by far filled with more challenges than I was comfortable with. Happily, it appears that the toughest stuff is behind me for now.

For the last couple of weeks, I have been laying the groundwork for myself, mentally, to tackle the one thing that truly outwardly indicates as well as affects how my life is going, and governs my overall health in many ways. This year, I vow to take better care of myself and put myself first, if not always (impossible for a mom,) at least way more often. I am determined to no longer allow a significant amount of extra weight tax my self esteem, raise my cholesterol and blood pressure, and keep me feeling tired. I have begun to ease back into the things it will take to make this change, such as improved eating and increased exercise, and the diligent monitoring and documenting of both. I have thought through my strategies, evaluated my goals, prepared my home, and announced my intentions to those I will need to lean on to support me if I am wavering. I have stopped eating as a reaction to stress, at least for a few days now, and I hope to persevere with this long enough to break the fully ingrained habit it had become. I am also going to re-read and re-post (probably with some slight revision) my reasons for and the importance of doing this, so I won't lose sight of the importance of myself, my life, and my health and happiness. I can do this!!

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