Monday, January 12, 2009

Weekend Lessons

I learned two major things about myself this weekend. Apparently, I am better off with no party food than attempting to enjoy it in moderation. In addition, apparently I am a closet diva! Allow me to elaborate:

We had people over to the house Saturday night for poker night. In a rare turn of events, both the husband and I ended up down! Usually we rule the roost and one or both of us is up, but not this time... (Mine was only a minor loss, but he was "due" as everyone at the table later observed. Historically he always takes SOMEbody's money.) Anyway, in our usual fashion we had people bring munchies to share and later ordered pizza. So, I was REALLY healthy all day and had plenty of "points" available for a controlled participation in the food fest, i.e. only one piece of pizza, only one glass of wine, and very limited munchies. For a second before starting I hesitated, and thought "I would be perfectly happy with my own food and less temptation with this stuff," but then thought about the fact that most diet advice says you need not to deprive yourself or you'll make it worse. Well, two pieces of pizza (one with pepperoni,) two glasses of wine, a lot of cheese, and a dessert or two later I realized I was NOT capable of moderation. And knowing that, and knowing I would have been JUST FINE having my own food taught me I will work within my known limits the next time.

Sunday was the day of my trial "pole" dancing class. Now, I may be toeing a fine line here, but other than my kid and maybe my co-workers, I am generally comfortable talking about this class. Clothes are totally on and stay on, OF COURSE, but it is definitely a pole dancing style class. A room full of poles, low lights, disco ball, and mirrors add to the ambiance. This class was a FANTASTIC workout, but also an exercise in letting your sexy attitude hang all the way out (if you can get comfortable enough to find one, which most of us did.) I knew I would like it, but I almost can't get over HOW MUCH I liked it. The teacher was great, and as soon as she popped in Beyonce's latest hit "Single Ladies," which I have been sheepish to admit is my current favorite song, I was HOOKED. All girly attitude songs with pumping beats, the kind that secretly make you want to shake it and sing out loud. Only here, you are EXPECTED to shake it. We learned a lot of fun moves including a legitimate spin move on the pole. I'm psyched to continue!

As I lost a little ground this weekend, I am going to save an "official" weigh in progress post until next week...

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