Sunday, January 25, 2009

Catching Up

So, I am again realizing that reflecting in this blog is an essential part of keeping me going with this life-changing weight loss and fitness project. The more often I keep up with it, the more accountable I am, and the higher my resolve remains. Over the last couple of weeks I've had minor success, a sick kid, more minor success, moderate setbacks, trouble adjusting to my schedule, pauses in the process, etc. Bottom line, the switch is NOT turned off, but I have been making a habit of leaving the room now and then. That stops now!!!

I hereby renew my resolve to include the following:

-Stay true to the nature of this blog and try to update it almost daily with discussions of progress, lessons, food and workout logs, and weekly weigh in information,
-Establish my new routine for once and for all, with morning workouts, better advanced prep on workdays, etc.
-Increase to a more aggressive workout schedule, including morning videos before work, and getting back to the gym.

My weight has not changed much, but I am learning hard lessons. And I got a taste of how well it can work for me if I just stick it out. Time to implement and move forward!!

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Kate P said...

Hi Cathy, Kate Provines here, I saw on Facebook that you had a blog on getting fit and thought I'd take a look.

As you probably remember, I have struggled with my weight forever, so I have learned a thing or two, mostly by doing the absolutely wrong thing and just gaining more weight, but I try to put those lessons to use the next time. My issues and what works for me works for me and won't necessarily work for you, but maybe somethings will.

So here I go.

Don't kill yourself trying to be perfect, if you make the best choices at least 51% of the time and you'll be okay. So don't sweat it when you overindulge, you'll make up for it.

Food is neither good nor bad, labels stick, like you ate bad so you're bad. You might have too much of something, but that something is not bad and neither are you.

If you are really hungry as opposed to just craving something (my things are sweets) then a big steak will sound as good as ice cream. It almost never does for me.

Know what foods are going to trigger more eating and avoid them. You said you learned that no party food is better for you than some party food, so you already knew that. It's a hard lesson to learn, I've learned it a thousand times.

If you miss one day/week of working out, you haven't failed, just get started again.

If you feel like you need to overhaul the entirety of your food habits, start with the stuff that's easiest to kick and work your way up. You don't have to change everything at once.

You can't make someone else eat better. You can only control what you eat. I used to try to get Ian to do the same stuff I do, but he has to find his own way.

Do whatever workout you like, screw what anyone else thinks. If it's fun you're going to do it, if it's not, you won't. And as you demonstarted with your pole dancing class, don't be afraid to try new things.

Try new foods, supposedly your taste buds change every seven years, so even if you don't think you like something, you can try it again. Roasted vegetables are a staple for me now, and I really thought I hated vegetables, but that probably had something to do with the fact that my mom can't cook.

Generally speaking, try new recipes, you'll find some winners, and when you make something that you don't like, get take out. On that note, I found a great recipe for cod, and I'm not a fish eater,, but this was good and easy. I love the mix of a little bit of decadant food with something super healthy.

And most importantly, you are beautiful, you are beautiful no matter what your weight or fitness level. That's sometimes a hard one to do, I can't do it, but I can testify that you are beautiful inside and out.

Good luck. If you want more recipes, give me a shout, I have tons of recipes. I'm going to conquer food and make it my bitch. :)