Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Too Long Away, Don't Feel Good Today...

So, despite a long absence from this blog, I've been having a lot of conversations with myself since my last post. They go something like this:

"Hi, self." "Hi." "How are you doing?" "Better in some ways, but not well enough." "Shall we resume working out and healthy eating soon?" "Yea, ok."

Actually, I did work out a few times in the last week, so all is not lost, but I had planned a big return today to more healthy food choices and counting Points, only to realize I do not feel well; that the almost illness I've been fighting off the last week has finally prevailed. And I'm letting that be a bit of an excuse on the food (tax stress was my preceding excuse this weekend.)

One of my 3-year old's favorite procrastination phrases is "not yet, but soon..." I leave you with that thought. My lapses have become shorter and less damaging, but I must return shortly!!

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