Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Deciding to Remain Committed EVERY DAY is going to be a challenge...

Yesterday was Monday, and I like to start things on Mondays, so I decided to give the whole Points counting thing a go again. Did well, felt good. At one point during the afternoon, though, I strongly felt the pull to want to eat junk food, and I had to choose not to. That wasn't too tough, because my resolve was still fresh.

Today I've been feeling good about how I did yesterday, and feeding off that positive energy was continuing to do well. Then, about 1:00 however, I had the same junk food urge, only this time I acted on it. Hesitantly, mind you, but I didn't say no, and I didn't select something easy to only want in moderation. Result? I ate what the bag is calling 3 servings of those mini (VANILLA, not chocolate) Oreos, before realizing that was not what I wanted to be doing, and that it would take the good feelings away and make me feel sluggish and icky (and fat.) In a fit of redemption I opened up the bag and dumped them loose into my desk trash can before I could have a second thought about it. Damage? 9 Points, and since I've been doing fairly well otherwise and have a light dinner of grilled chicken breast planned, I'll be fine. Still, though, 9 points worth of healthy food can be rather filling and satisfying, and those definitely weren't.

Is every day going to be like that? Am I going to have that urge to eat junk so strongly EVERY day, and have to make the tough, right choice EVERY day? Sounds exhausting! Now I don't mean to sound negative, because that's not how I'm feeling, actually. Quite the opposite, I'm having a relatively constructive and interesting day at work, and I'm looking for an evening at home with my big and little sweeties. I just hope I am up to the daily challenge of fending off such ingrained, terrible habits long enough to make them less frequent and less compelling. I think with only 9 Points damage I'll call this one a tie. That makes my record since Monday 1-0-1. :)

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