Monday, February 23, 2009

Locked and Loaded (Registered And Committed!)

I am now registered for a sprint triathlon in August. Excuses can be NONE, because:
a) it is in MY OWN NEIGHBORHOOD, so the training will be in and around the actual route, near home, which is a huge advantage and comfort factor;
b) it is a sprint distance, and I have survived a full Olympic distance with inadequate training;
c) the registration is expensive and non-refundable, and if I waste it I will be killed (because it wouldn't be the first time and we can't afford to waste a dime,) and
d) I've actually been running some, and it feels good!
Not 5K yet, mind you, but the running stretches are getting longer, with fewer and shorter rests. I was so pleased with myself after Saturday's walk/run workout, and I know I can continue to step it up to where I can run a full 3 miles.

Now, the other two components are the swim and the run. Back when I did the Oly in Reston (which was my first- no easing into it for me-) I thought the swim portion would be the hardest to train for, because it was what I had the least experience in, and seemed the hardest. As it turns out, I trained my way into being able to swim a mile (back then) no sweat, and it was the bike that kicked my a$$. The sprint tri only has a 400 meter swim, which is about a quarter of a mile. As long as I start getting my butt to the pool on a semi-regular basis soon, that'll be no sweat. And the bike? Well, I hate long solo bike training, I much prefer to tool around my neighborhood. Well, guess what? THIS ONE IS IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD, so I will be able to tool around on the course, and see how it feels and work my way faster. How awesome is that?!

Needless to say, I am pretty stoked. And I have already noted that, as my friend pointed out, it would be a whole lot easier to do a triathlon if I wasn't carrying around almost two of my son on my back (who weighs 32 pounds.) Hopefully the training will propel me into better eating, now that I have eliminated the chocolate monkey! I am all psyched about it. :)

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