Monday, April 20, 2009

Lots of Randomness, Been too Long!

So, it's been a while since I've written here, and my primary "excuse" is that the best time I had for doing it previously was first the boy's naptime on stay-at-home days, followed by lunchtime at work upon returning full time. Well, now we are banned from blog sites at work (among lots of other things.) It is unfortunate that people who don't get their work done have to ruin it for the rest of us! That being said, I still need and want to continue, therefore I need to continue my quest to prioritize and organize my time such that I can make time to do it on a daily basis at home. 3 or 4 times a week would probably be enough, but it's much harder to start that kind of sporadic habit than a daily one, I think. Less opportunity to forget about it.

So, as I sit here listening to my son sleep on the couch while recovering from the double ear infection that was diagnosed today, I'm brimming with stuff I've wanted to write about. I started an entry a while ago and never finished, called "The Person I Want To Be", I'll probably finish and post it next after a general rambling brain dump in this one.

1) The other morning when I got in the car, my odometer read "111,111". I love crap like that. OCDish, I know, but when I was a kid it used to give me a thrill when the clock read 10:10, 11:11, or 12:12, too. What can I say?

2) I am very much inside my own head when I exercise, and I value that time immensely. (I recently realized just how much when I was planning to stop and stretch at a particular light post on a corner and then someone was standing there when I got to it. I felt like it was an invasion of MY personal space, hahaha. Outdoors on a walk or jog is the very best alone time, followed by being on equipment in the gym where you don't know anyone else and don't feel obligated to acknowledge them, followed by languishing in a hot bath. Not exercise, but equally effective for relaxing and organizing one's thoughts...

3) I have been doing really well with exercise considering where I was. I can really feel an improvement in my energy level from day-to-day, and the other day in my hockey game I was nowhere near as gassed as usual by the end of the game. Still a long shot from where I want to be, though. Likewise- I'm eating a lot better than I was and lost that first 5 pounds, but not really being good enough to the point of making a conscious effort to lose weight, as is my continuing desire.

4) I love reconnecting with people. After I got on Facebook last year, it was extremely gratifying to gradually find and be found by people who were previously a part of my life, including high school friends and acquaintances, college sorority sisters, and even obscure relatives who I'd not otherwise bothered to keep in touch with. This weekend, probably in part as a result of such reconnections, a large group of my sorority sisters that all live in the same area got together for dinner. It had been 15 years since I had seen most of them, and it was so amazing. It really felt wonderful to reconnect, and talk beyond just what people have listed on their profiles, although I was thankful for having had my memory refreshed with them over the last year so they weren't total strangers! All of the ladies looked incredible, too, most having had several kids and looking like they hadn't aged a day. Further inspiration.

5) This week kicks off the first of my Spring wedding events. I have 4 current clients, one who is a relative of a friend and 3 who hired me as total strangers, and these weddings occur over the next 6 weeks. Yikes! This weekend will be my first client ever that wasn't someone I already knew, so a real milestone for my business (and confidence.) Wish me luck! The good thing, is, she is very laid back and cool, so I don't feel on edge going into it.

I guess that's it for now. My next post is older than this one originally, but written over several revisits, and hopefully doesn't sound too melancholy, because in general I am feeling pretty upbeat lately. But it is full of fairly deep thoughts. This weekend was finally a good dose of Spring weather, I'm remembering it fondly and pretending it is not freezing cold and pouring rain today!

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