Friday, August 5, 2011

150 Posts

I didn't realize until after my last post that it had been my 150th since starting this blog.  Wow!!  I've written 150 times about myself, my life, my goals and my interest in losing weight and getting healthy.  It hasn't happened for me yet, but I know I've learned loads about myself along the way.  I've learned a lot about my habits, my strengths, my weaknesses, my triggers, and my patterns.  I'm now two weeks into a gym membership and have worked out 4 times a week these past two, and I already notice a shift in my energy level, without even starting on the healthier eating portion.  And a bonus opportunity has emerged- rarely do my hubby and I align on when we want to start (or stop) a healthy lifestyle regimen, but he just told me tonight that he is gearing up to kick off a healthier plan for himself this Sunday.  What a great time for me to do the same!

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