Thursday, August 4, 2011

I am Now Inspired by Yoda

I know, don't laugh at me.

Yoda made a brilliant statement which is my new favorite quote, and an insightful friend I have been chatting with recently was witty enough to point it out to me.  He's trying to inspire Luke Skywalker to believe in himself and his ability, and Luke says he will try.  "No!"  Yoda says.  "Do, or do not!  There is no try."

Sure, this is the same concept I have been telling myself in a lot of different ways recently, about needing to buckle down, make the choice to lose weight and get healthier, etc., but this captures the bottom line in a much more succinct, memorable, and inspiring way.  Like Nike's trademarked "Just Do It", only better.  Especially since I got this Happy Meal Toy about a week ago and my kid already has two of them, so he's mine.


Anonymous said...

Hi Cat! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love this post and the quote. I needed it, thanks for sharing. THERE IS NO TRY! ;) Now to try to sleep, there's a different story, ha. Best wishes!

Cat said...

Much appreciated, April. Good luck with your goals, too, I'll be reading!