Saturday, July 30, 2011

I Got Up-

I got up early to work out today.  Yes, on a Saturday.  I know, that sounds crazy, considering I wait all week to get to relax on the weekend mornings.  But, I'm trying to get a new habit going here, so I figure the more times I try the better.  So, put my clothes and iPod and shoes out, set a quieter than usual alarm, and although I hit snooze a few times, I made it up and out!  It was even early enough that I had to use the 24 hour side instead of the regular side of the gym.

The burning question is, which will prevail for the remainder of the day- the fatigue of waking up early and exercising, or the energy boost you get from exercising?

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Anonymous said...

Even if you do 10-15 minutes in the mornings, you will feel better. It doesn't have to be hardcore, sometimes I pace the living room for a couple minutes before I decide to do some 'real' cardio, a few lifts with dumb bells or even some yoga. It's a wonderful thing.