Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Spectacular Day

Today is more than just a good day, it is much closer to spectacular.  The nasty heat and humidity took off in a torrent after yesterday's violent afternoon storm, and today I feel like I could be in Southern California.  Or even Hawaii.  It's in the upper 70's headed up to the low 80's, with a cool dry breeze, but it's still plenty sunny enough to feel like full on summer, just confusingly comfortable.  I'm sitting outside on my deck, gazing into the woods behind my house, listening to the loud sounds of the summer wildlife.  (Are they cicadas that make that most comforting racket?)

Only a week after making some medical adjustments, I already feel 1000% better than I had been of late.  Relaxed, healthier, just better in general.  I got the results of my lab work and had the remainder of my physical today, and got a clean bill of health.  Blood sugar was good (she was a bit worried last time), cholesterol is being controlled by the meds, blood pressure is coming under control with increased meds, normal ekg, etc.  Apparently all I need is a Vitamin D supplement.

Tonight I am cooking pork chops with sauteed apples and roasted asparagus.  Tomorrow is Friday and the forecast is more of this same weather continuing through the weekend.  We have a blessedly unscheduled calendar ahead of us these next few days.  Next weekend I am taking the boy for another mini beach visit with my mom and aunt.

Life is good.

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