Saturday, March 16, 2013

Running Notes to Self

So, I did a 5K today, and oddly enough, it's gotten me feeling a little out of sorts.  I have been getting my workouts in for my first few weeks of the Couch to Half Marathon program, but I haven't been doing anything about the losing weight part.  So, working up from just walking to now supposed to have jogged continuously for two miles a couple of times (which I have only succeeded in doing without walking once), and today the long run was to be a 3 miler, so doing a fun 5K event seemed logical.  Here are some thoughts it generated, in no particular order:

1) Working out alone is comfortable, cathartic even.  Running a fun, themed race alone is a little lonely.

2) It is easy to only compare yourself to yourself and your own progress when running alone.  It is easy to feel reeeeeally poorly about being a BOPer ("back-of'the-pack-er") when there are so many hundreds of super fit people around.

3) My MapMyFitness app isn't working right anymore.  I've suspected so lately, but this race confirmed it.  This is a certified course and had the mile markers, and at the end of the race it said I had gone a lot farther, so not commenting on my time/pace yet because it wasn't real.  When they post the results I will understand a little better- seemed like being amped up made me go too fast, but yet I walked a lot.  We'll see.  I'm gonna have to switch to Nike+ or something.

4) Running with this much extra weight on feels TERRIBLE.  I'm building up slowly, but as such, you push yourself a little further each time, so it's never old hat or easy, it always feels terrible.  I felt more terrible than I expected to for longer than I expected to today.  That sucks.

5) I'm tired of feeling like this.  Tired of feeling so tired, unhealthy, out of shape, large, self-conscious, etc.

Sorry for the downer post.


Diane Fit to the Finish said...

Cat - focus on the fact that you can run a 5K no matter where you finish or how long it takes! That's an amazing accomplishment.

I know that it can be frustrating to see slow progress, but the weight loss process isn't a race. It takes time and you can do this!

Ann said...

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