Friday, September 26, 2008

50 Reasons why The Time is NOW!!!!!

As I think I have mentioned previously (but still have not done anything about), I need to lose 50 pounds to be at a healthy weight. I am 5'8", and I weigh 200 pounds currently. (!!!!!!) For a decent sized frame such as mine, 150 pounds would be an ideal, healthy weight. That means losing 25% of my body weight!! Do you realize how challenging that is, but how significant the results would be?!?!?!

Here I have listed for myself one very good reason for each of the 50 pounds I need to lose. I want them to go away for good and leave me with a healthy body and life! Hopefully posting them here will let me see what I have to gain by losing, and perhaps I can conjure up some discipline somewhere...

50. Because I didn't recognize myself when I caught a sideways glance in the full-length mirror this morning. After years of up and down amounts of too much weight on me, it still doesn't look like me wrapped up in all that fat.

49. Because I seem to have lost some of the bloat that was pushing me up over my starting weight. I was at 201 this morning down from 204, close enough to my starting point of 200 and easier to try to continue going the same direction.

48. Because I have a closet full of cute and nice clothes that I look at wistfully every time I get dressed, and every time I have to do laundry to have something to wear despite having a full closet. I really looked good in a lot of those clothes, and most of them aren't even as small as my goal weight size. It would so rock to shop for small clothes that looked good on me AND made me look good!

47. Because it feels SOOOO good to be self confident. My naturally shy personality struggles even more when I am self conscious and tugging at my clothes to hide/adjust things.

46. Because I'm out of breath a lot lately with the way I've been eating and not exercising enough.

45. Because stress is much better at eating away at me when my body and mind already don't feel good. Exercise=endorphins=happy and relaxed. Right now I am a tense mess.

44. Because I actually ENJOY getting exercise and fresh air, when I'm not trapped by inertia!

43. Because I am way better at playing hockey when I'm lighter and faster.

42. So my hockey gear will return to fitting the way it's supposed to, instead of leaving big fleshy patched exposed to dangerous slapshots.

41. Because I'm spending 7,000 to fix my teeth, and it would be stupid to have this great smile if I still feel like a heavy mess.

40. Because people are more confident in hiring someone for wedding planning and organization help if they appear to have themselves pulled together really well. I agree that someone who's not looking and feeling their best is not projecting the image of a valuable investment!

39. Because major health problems would be resolved such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

38. Because other minor aspects of my looks and health would be improved, such as eczema, acne, allergies symptoms management.

37. Because I will be better able to function in high heat and humidity, which is a solid part of our summer environment here and at the beach.

36. Because it's easier to feel like losing a significant portion of your body weight is possible when "Biggest Loser" is in-season.

35. Because my kid is 3 years old now, and I'm not planning on having any more. All feeble reasons for being overweight related to being a mom and having a baby are long gone.

34. Because each decade of life is a lot harder to lose weight in than the previous. I can't afford to let the rest of my thirties go by without taking advantage of that. It only gets harder.

33. Because it sucked to feel like a cow in a bathing suit all summer at the beach and pool.

32. Because I have a great support network, just waiting to encourage me!

31. Because eating healthy foods is probably better for the environment on a lot of levels.

30. Because it's hard to take good family pictures when we're both unhappy with how we look. Adam will not be sure he even had parents at this age because the pictures are mostly only ever of him and other relatives/friends!

29. Because I have 29 Days to fit into a pair of pants that fit well 10 pounds ago, for a needed part of my Halloween costume. We are too broke for me to be buying new fat clothes.

28. Because in one month I will be quasi-in a wedding and want to look and feel better.

27. Because if I go out with a bunch of girlfriends now, I'm the "fat" friend.

26. Because we're spending the money for a gym to further out workout opportunities.

25. Because eating oversized portions and extra junk food all the time is expensive!

24. Because being preoccupied with my weight is distracting.

23. Because I'd like to continue learning other active sports such as golf, and it seems like my big self is in the way when I try to swing properly.

22. Because I'm lucky enough to have a great life, and it would be stupid to waste it feeling gross and miserable.

21. Because good habits and major life changes take 21 DAYS to stick. That seems like a long time, so might as well get going. 21 Days from today puts me at Thursday, October 16. Since time flies most of the time anyway, can't I just suck it up and be good for that long?

20. Because I'm less than a year away from my 20th High School reunion. Thanks to Facebook, I'm actually getting back in touch with a lot of these people, and it would be a royal suck to be heavy and uncomfortable for something like that. I am too shy not to at least look and feel great!
19. Because I will be a better wife/mother/daughter/friend if I am happier, healthier, more energetic, and as a result have my life in order and my head on straight.

18. Because I can hear Jillian's voice in my head if I try hard enough. How can I fail?

17. Because I'm lucky enough to have a fantastic figure under all the layers. I've got great legs, a generous rack, a good butt, pretty eyes, and nice overall proportions, just waiting to be uncovered. Not everybody does who is healthy and in good shape, and I shouldn't waste the gift/opportunity!

16. Because I always find inspiration in the success of others, but wouldn't it be great to actually use that inspiration to succeed, and go on to motivate someone else?

15. Because it stokes my ego to be noticed. :)

14. Because jogging is cheaper than therapy!

13. Because I am in a vicious cycle of staying up 'til midnight avoiding all the things I don't feel like doing, and then being tired all the time.

12. Because I will sleep better and wake up feeling refreshed. When my body is tired from exercise, I sleep great. When it is drained from being stressed and anxious, lethargic, and filled with unhealthy food, no sleep seems to be enough AND I avoid sleep to do slack things as an escape.

11. To be comfortable TURNING 40 in 18 months. I can only do this gracefully if I feel I am looking and feeling awesome!

10. To be able to celebrate achievements in my life (and re-capture my youth?) when I turn 40 by decorating my body with a tattoo and/or a piercing. No chance I'm doing that unless I look fantastic!

9. To be able to take a trip to Vegas and have some fun dressing a little slutty.

8. To be able to return to great physical challenges such as triathlons. I would like to do multiple races where I actually compete on some level rather than survive!

7. To live a more active life all around.

6. To be able to help motivate my sweetie, who is in the same boat as me. We are too nice to each other and end up being enablers.

5. To be better equipped to handle life's hurdles, physical and emotional.

4. To have more energy to enjoy the time I have with my family and friends, while still being able to DO IT ALL. I want to be one of those people who CAN.

3. To set a good example, provide a healthy environment, and foster good habits for my son to grow up with.

2. To live a long life and to be there for my son throughout his life.

1. Because I am worth it.

Note, it has taken me half the day to complete this list, and I've still been good so far. I hope I can do it!!!

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