Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I Survived September!

Ok, so at this point, since my last post, I have so much on my mind, have done so much, and have so many things to reflect on I don't even know where to begin! The Bridal Showcase was a smashing success, in my humble opinion. The booth looked great (thanks to the helpful design eye of my awesome assistant), I very was pleased with the amount of traffic/exposure, and I had a good time with networking and checking everything out, too. A few weeks later, I am starting to hear from people who talked to me and are interested in my service, and I haven't even begun to follow up with the greater list. I have one family ready to sign a contract and two more meetings this weekend. (But the boy will be there, crossing my fingers for good behavior!!)

I'm still waiting to hear about the status of my application for the full time job, and as sad as I have been at the prospect of returning to work full time, I am ready to embrace it, for a number of reasons. One, we are stone cold broke and the debt is starting to creep up past where we are comfortable. After we got married and erased our pre-wedding debt through the miracle of home equity, it had been a great relief not to have that spectre hanging over our heads, until now. Post-kid with first one and now one and a third incomes, we just haven't been cutting it. I'm SOOO ready to pay that off, build our savings back up to a less dire level, and eventually get back to considering the possibility of eventually moving into a house, once the real estate market (and the rest of the economy) emerges a little bit out of the toilet.

The kid is awesome, and despite some weird habits and the need for some extra language coaching from us, the County has deemed him a totally normal 3 yr. old, so no extra help needed from their perspective. Now, if only to learn the potty (PLEASE!!!) He also got to be spoiled by a recent visit to Thomas the Train, that was a real hoot, and he's definitely getting into the spirit of Halloween. I had him help me pick out a couple of party decorations, and he went for some really creepy images, ones that I was afraid would scare him. I was so pleased!

I'm not quite there yet with finishing up the computer transfer and returning to home organization, but I have made great strides. The computer just needs the drivers for the wireless card to be loaded, the anti-virus software loaded, and then I will be up and running, able to extract my calendar/contact files, among other things. I have in the meantime pieced together a paper calendar, but it is missing the things that my overstuffed mom-brain can not retain from year-to-year, like birthdays. The house is on the brink of tidy, with one last area of paper piles to attack, and then major filing and business paperwork catch-up. But if my cleaning lady does not make time for us this week I am firing her, it is becoming a biohazard and I am still resisting doing it myself!

So, I'm excited in the next few months to turn my focus to more fun, and hopefully more balance with all the other stuff I have going on in my life. Fall is my absolute FAVORITE time of the year, as it contains the best weather, the best sports, and my favorite holidays. I look forward to spending more time with family and friends, and I hope to be able to find the inner strength (or is it peace?) to be able to start taking better care of myself on top of all that. I tend to put myself last, behind all of my other obligations. The 'ole 50 Pounds has now become 55, and I need to place more importance on my health and well being!

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