Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Day of Success. I'm Cautiously Optimistic!

Ok, so I was afraid to even write about a successful first day until I actually went to bed and woke up again first, but I made it.  (I had nightmare visions of writing about a successful day and then finding myself up to my elbow in a bag of something before having made it to bed!)  The first day was great, and weirdly enough, I felt very energetic about it.  What a relief!  Got in a good walking workout, ate under the Weight Watchers points limit, and even got a lot done around during naptime instead of being lazy myself.  Sunday night's late hockey game didn't even enter the picture, but I am definitely feeling it today.  I slept long and like a rock, and I am still tired!  That will require some caution, because I tend to grab the junk food when I am either stressed or tired, but one solid day is a huge start in the right direction.  :)  Go, me!

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