Sunday, October 5, 2008

Ready to Make a Real Change

So, this time, I think am ready to truly focus on me, and ready to do this thing and get healthy.  This morning I clocked in at 202, now 52 pounds away from my goal instead of the 50 when I first started writing about it!  Today I will prepare by making sure the tempting foods are away, planning an aggressive workout schedule, and reminding myself of all the good reasons to stick with it this time.  Tomorrow is the day I really will start down a healthier road.  I'm not "dieting" per se (so I am telling myself), just aggressively improving my lifestyle and health.  I will track what I eat through the Weight Watchers points system, and I will not give up every time I slip up as in times past.  Cumulative successes are enough to make a difference.  Major changes in routine take 21 days to become something of a habit, so perhaps by Halloween I will have a reliable program in working order and already be seeing success.  Wish me luck!

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