Sunday, March 29, 2009

Fantastic Run/Walk Workout

Finally, I am starting to feel better! The last two nights I didn't feel nearly as tired as I have been all week (although I napped most of the afternoon yesterday), and this morning I realized I have not been coughing as much this weekend as I had been the past 2-3 weeks, either. I must actually be on the mend! So, because I have not worked out all week as I had planned (other than my pole class), I was determined to do a good one today, and I wanted to enjoy being outside in the nice weather, too. (Actually, when I planned to go this afternoon after a busy morning I was hoping the nice cool mist would continue, but by the time I went it was hot sun, then became clouds and breeze, a couple of thunder rumbles chased me home, and not two minutes after I got in the front door the sky ripped open with giant raindrops. Then 10 minutes later the sun was back. What the hell with the weather?!)

Anyway, I power walked for 10 minutes to warm up (0.6 mile), then ran for 16 minutes (1.34 miles), then power walked for another 10 minutes up a moderately steep hill (0.6 mile), then ran for 11 more minutes (0.9 mile), then a cool down walk for 4 minutes back to the house. (I use to calculate the distances, I love it. You can even view the topography of your route.) Now I feel amazing! My lungs held up, my legs held up, and although it was exhausting I already feel the surge of endorphins kicking in. Ahhhhhhh. :) (Note to self, though- now that I've seen the distance, I know I could push it further to have slightly longer distances.) Some time in the next week I would like to go run on a track so I can really push my maximum, just to see where I am at. Very satisfied with my progress, though, especially since the commitment to it has been spotty at times!

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