Friday, March 6, 2009

Lemme 'Splain. No Wait, No Time, Lemme Sum Up:

In a few words: FANTASTIC whirlwind week of interviewing well and being very quickly promoted at work, into birthday celebrating weekend, into snowy actual birthday with a great hockey game (me scoring two goals) capping it off, to feeling tired and fighting something off all week, letting my house get to be messy, and then having a big wedding client interview last night. Phew, it's the weekend again!

I am VERY pleased to be learning that a few people who know me have been reading this blog here and there, that makes me feel more accountable, which was the whole point of airing my situation to the world. And I'm beside myself with anticipation for this weekend which includes summery weather and the daylight switch, making weekday evenings outdoors a sooner reality.

I haven't moved from the 198 I reached a bit ago, but luckily I haven't gone the other way, either. I'm returning to more frequent posts and counting WW Points, stat! (And continuing to run, which has been going well, and wanting to start back swimming, and needing to get my bike tuned up...)

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