Thursday, March 4, 2010

39 to Happiest in 365: Day 3

Pleeaah.  That about sums it up for today.  A roller coaster of a few positive steps mixed with plenty of setbacks, as usual, and then settling into the midmorning of a workday to the feeling of the “pleeaahs”.  What do I mean by this?  You know; a fizzling of one’s energy, a desire to settle into one’s own comforting and usually self-destructive ways. 

Last night I did get in a good, hard workout at my pole class.  It felt exceptionally refreshing.  Unfortunately, though, I also followed it up with a pretty substantial dessert of leftover birthday stuff.  Then this morning I felt completely bloated, presumably from all the stuff I shouldn’t have been eating yesterday.  That’s a crappy way to start the day, but it does demonstrate the very immediate contrast to how I’ve been feeling upon waking up after a day of better eating.  I’ve got to focus on wanting to avoid that bloated gross feeling on a more daily basis, since the long term goals don’t have so much quick payoff.  That focus was enough to get me to go buy and eat a very healthy breakfast, which is an improvement from most days, but then by mid-morning it had fizzled out.

My workout plans for another makeup pole class tonight have been changed, so I’m going to have to consider sucking it up and doing a workout video at home.  I am not enthused by this.  Hermph…

Did I mention that the warm, happy fun ball known as the sun is actually visible in the sky today and lighting up the world?  I sooo need that.  The occurrences of sunny days have become much too few and far between this winter, and are therefore quite noteworthy.  I must roll up my sleeves at lunch and go soak some up!

As a footnote, I did in fact get some sun at lunch, but it was in the form of hanging my head out the car window like a dog, because it was too cold to be all the way outside.  Also, on an unrelated note, coming down from a day too high in sugar makes for one crabby mommy at the boy's bedtime.  The kid is 4, after all, it's not completely unreasonable that he act like it now and then, especially when HE is tired.  I suck.  And no, I am not going to get up and workout, either.        Ah, well, tomorrow is another day!

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