Wednesday, March 3, 2010

39 to Happiest in 365: Days 0-2

Day 0, Monday March 1, 2010.  The day before my birthday.  I took a “starting” weight, which is still reflective of a significant weight gain this winter, but is gratefully down 5 pounds from before the tummy ills.  And although I have been frank about my actual numbers in the past, I have gotten past the point of a comfort level on that for now.  I will continue talking about amounts of losses (or hopefully not gains), but not reveal true numbers for a while until I’m back in success mode and down a bit.  Suffice to say I have between 65 to 70 pounds or so to lose, which sounds like an outrageous amount, but luckily I don’t think I look as oversized as that sounds.  Unless I am kidding myself, which I may very well be.  J

Still felt like I was recovering from the now a week ago illness.  Tired.  Less appetite than I’m accustomed to (not a bad thing!)  Wanted to punk out of a late night hockey game, partially out of tiredness, and partially out of laziness that has taken hold from a winter of continually either being sick or snowed in.  A friend on the team forcefully encouraged me to go, however, and I was glad I did.  It felt sooooooo good, refreshing, cleansing, therapeutic, and other positive adjectives to get a hard workout in.  No goals scored this year like on a previous birthday, but I played well nonetheless.

Day 1, Tuesday March 2, 2010.  My birthday.  (And Dr. Seuss’ birthday, which gives me a great deal of delight every year!)  I am now 39 years old, for the first time.  Friends and family all checked in with kind words, as did a ton of random HS and college Facebook friends.  Got a card signed by all my coworkers.  I do enjoy the extra attention, even though I feel weird about aging.  I did indulge in some junk food, although not in obscene portions.  Today was also the first time that, although I was tired from the late night after hockey, I no longer feel like I am tired from being sick anymore, and food seems much more appetizing.  Crazy that it took that long!  My sweet honey made me homemade pizza and my little pumpkin helped me make brownies.  I didn’t get to watch Biggest Loser yet as we were catching up on other things, but watch Lost, which I hate to see ending.  All in all a very nice day.

Day 2, Wednesday March 3, 2010.  Back to the grind.  Overslept out of lazy tiredness this morning, but chose to bite the bullet and still shower and fix myself up properly instead of doing a “patch” job, despite ending up late for work as a result.  I always feel better when I look better, and it gave the kid a few more minutes at home, which he appreciated.  Nutritionally today will be a challenge, as I enjoyed lots of yummy bad snacks yesterday, and have plenty left over today to answer the hankering for them.  A long-awaited return to pole class tonight will be my redemption!  The only cloud over that parade is that I missed most of this session, and it is already the week 8 graduation.  I already learned all the moves in the past, but haven’t eased back into shape as was part of the purpose of backtracking, and further I will absolutely not remember the routine.  Although I typically prefer poles in the front of the class, tonight I shall hang in the back!

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