Monday, March 8, 2010

39 to Happiest in 365: Days 5 and 6, and a big decision...

Day 5, Saturday, March 6, 2010.  A day of relaxing, which is unusual for us.  I got a little bit done around the house while the boy was away for the day, including assembling my business tax info, but literally laid around half the day reading, too.  So did the husband, which was nice- he rarely does something like that, either, and he seemed much more relaxed than usual as a result!  Often that kind of extended relaxing makes me feel more stressed later for all the things I didn't "get done", but this time it was just right.  I finished a book that I adored, called "Shelter Me".  It's a novel about a mother of two young kids, including a boy my son's age and a not quite a year old baby, who has become a widow, and it goes through her life and coping in the first year without her husband.  Sounds sad and not entertaining, but it was totally one of those laughing out loud with a tear in your eye types, very heart warming in the end, I loved it.

I've been reading a lot lately, I read Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass in a day Thursday, in preparation for seeing the movie Friday night.  I definitely had mixed feelings about both the book and the movie.  VERY glad I read it first, mind you, or the movie would have been that much weirder.  It just was a very weird story, just like the books, and not a substantive enough plot to stand up to the cool characters and visuals.  Love the queen, love the Hatter, and love the Cat.  But overall, to weird for too long to be a full length movie, I thought.

Anyway, after the relaxing day, we had a super enjoyable and yummy belated birthday dinner for me at my parent's house.  I ate plenty of prime rib, scalloped potatoes, and cake, but I had been austere in my eating all day in anticipation.

Day 6, Sunday, March 7, 2010.  Another day of not too much, which is so refreshing!  We even finally got to the gym all together as a family, which made me very, very happy.  Got in a workout, had lunch out after, and even ran into our friends who we probably would have been having lunch with if we didn't think their kid was too sick, which was hilarious.  Eating was not too terrible, and I actually thought through this week's meals and feel kinda ready to really buckle down more and get to this weight loss thing.  I hope I mean it.

I had plenty of time to sort out some thoughts inside my head this weekend, and actually it gave me a chance to think through something that I feel very good and happy about.  It's about my wedding business.  I thoroughly enjoy the planning and coordinating of weddings, and I felt and will always feel a tremendous sense of accomplishment in having started a business.  It's something I never even knew I would want to do, and I have impressed myself all along the way in how readily I was able to learn the process, as well as grow my contacts and clients.  However, the circumstances in my life when I started the business were significantly different that they are now, and I am committed to my family and my primary full time career first and foremost.  As you can imagine, this doesn't leave a whole  lot of extra time, and both the time commitment and the finances of keeping this business at the hobby level just don't make it wise to continue in an official capacity.  This year I have a number of clients booked in the Spring and Fall (and have had to turn away several more!)  I am also extremely looking forward to helping a friend at work plan his wedding for later this year.  But I have decided that after 2010 I am not going to keep my business active any longer or book any more clients, and that doesn't give me any sadness or pause.  It is a chapter I am proud to have written in my life, and I will continue to actively involve myself in helping of weddings of friends and family should the occasion arise.  Perhaps I will revisit being a business owner when I retire from my govt. career in about 15 years!

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