Thursday, December 11, 2008

186 Steps

Ok, walking up stairs has got to be one of the greatest forms of "not-really-working-out" exercise I can think of, so it's about time I started taking advantage. I work on the 8th floor of a 10 story office building. I used to work 3 partial days a week, but now I'm up to 5 full days (which allows me a lunch break, how novel!) It is 146 stairs up to the 8th floor, and 186 if you go all the way up to the 10th. I just walked up to 10 for a "refresher" attempt, and it only takes until about the 5th floor before I start gasping for air. But with a short rest, and some panting, I made it to 10 just fine, and was left only slightly glistening, not actually sweaty.

Therefore, I officially vow right here and now NEVER to take the elevator in this building again! (Unless I suffer some sort of catastrophic injury that prevents it...) Further, it is my intent from now on to walk up to 10 before returning down to 8 TWICE each work day. 186 x 2wice a day x 5 days a week = a whole lot of sneaked in workouts! Five days a week I will be walking up 372 stairs a day, not even counting the down ones, and that I will not allow myself to count as my workouts!! Heels and a lot of bags (as I often have) add even more challenge, but I need it and am up for it.

The lighthouse at the beach we go to is 200 stairs to the top, and it looks like the lantern is scraping heaven when you stand under it. So, as I get in better shape and the stairs get easier for me, I hope that will allow me to achieve a short-term goal and conquer my claustrophobia/heights fears to go up to the top with my sweetie to enjoy the view together. :) And in the process of getting in shape to handle the stairs, I might actually get small enough not to worry about getting stuck in the hole you have to squeeze through to enter the chamber at the top!

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