Thursday, December 18, 2008

Biggest Loser Inspiration

Every season of the Biggest Loser since I started watching it, I've thought "I'm going to do it with them this time." But, the time in my life wasn't right yet, and before I knew it these big fat people were weighing in at less than me, and the show wasn't even close to over yet. Michelle looked awesome Tuesday night, and I had a feeling she would be able to win it even before seeing her. But, after seeing even the people who I didn't think could do it do well (Heba and Jerry were the ones who struck me as least likely to lose enough weight to change their lives,) I am again realizing I can do it too. And THIS time, I think I have been taking the steps to have it be the RIGHT time in my life, and getting the holiday temptations out of the way will coincide exactly with the kickoff of the NEXT season of BL, which already starts on Jan. 6, much to my delight. I am going to do some planning this weekend, and I am going to hatch a challenge to make my own Biggest Loser contest with some people I know. I know two certain contestants to do it with me, and I hope to think of some others. I'm talking the works, food and exercise logs, contests, milestones, percentage weight loss goals and check-ins, etc. My "original, realistic" goal is now up to 55 pounds, or 27% of my current body weight (crept up from the nice, round 50 lbs/25% since I've gained a little more), but if I was going to go really hard core, I've been reading that an even lower goal of 140 pounds is apparently still healthy with a decent sized 5'8" frame, putting my goal at 65 pounds or 32% of my body weight. Whoa, a third of myself?! Seems outrageously unattainable. But, the people on this show consistently lose as much as half of themselves, and the whole point of the show, season after season, is to assure America that we can do it, too. Although it seems like it would be so much easier to be successful if one could actually get ON the show, I am quite grateful that I am not to the point where I would be recruited on the show, so I will count my blessings there. (If you know anyone who is big enough, apparently they are casting for Season 8 now...) Look out for the CBL (Cathy's Biggest Loser) Challenge, coming soon!

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