Monday, December 22, 2008

Thoughts for the Week of Christmas

My husband and I are very excited to share Christmas with our three year old son this year, because he really understands Christmas now, unlike before. Not the religious part yet (I've been slack about getting him/us to church still,) but definitely the Santa and presents part. I am soo looking forward to seeing him light up when he gets what he asked Santa for, as well as a bunch of other stuff I hope he'll like. Actually, I know he'll like it all, I just hope it's not too much all at once such that he'll be over it. I tried not to spend too much $ in light of the finances still being dicey, but it ended up being a lot of stuff, anyway! :)

Generally speaking the Christmas season is a wonderful time of year, but as holidays go, Christmas is one that has always had a little too much riding on it emotionally, in my opinion. I greatly appreciate that the month with the shortest, darkest days are filled with bright, twinkly lights and happy music, but it certainly has its flaws. For most people, Christmas as we know it causes so much to do and so much pressure to get the right gifts for the right people without going broke, that the point of good happy times with friends and family can get lost pretty easily. I took it a little easier this season, not getting as much done as soon, but I've felt more relaxed in the process. Which was intentional considering I work full time now. Saturday was the only "tough" chores day, and even that was ok- I waited in line for over an hour to mail packages that took a long time to assemble and wrap, after a late night and long morning finishing the Christmas cards, but everyone was cheerful and chatty in the line and I'm thrilled with how the cards turned out, so it wasn't unpleasant. It's just weird to have that much buildup for a holiday, I guess. I've always felt there was a bit of an awkward "now what?" moment after everyone opens all of the presents. Christmas will certainly be a monster highlight for my sweet boy, but my personal favorite has always been Thanksgiving, and this year Halloween moved way up the list, too!

Looking at the bigger picture beyond this week, I shall return to the broken record issue of health, fitness, and weight loss. I continue to mull over my plans to change my life in the new year, and although I may not find any participants for a Biggest Loser Challenge as I had hoped, I will put it out here for all to see/cheer me on/learn from me if I am successful/counsel me if I am struggling. 2009 is filled with potential and an opportunity for new beginning, and I am continually reminded in so many different ways of how much better I will feel, thereby improving my whole life, if I just take better care of myself. This week I work Monday and most of Tuesday, will enjoy the holiday Wednesday and Thursday, and by Friday I hope to spend some more time hatching the details of my plan and begin implementation in earnest. Basically it will just be an aggressive workout schedule, back to strict adherence to the Weight Watchers eating plan that has worked VERY WELL for me previously when I stick to it, and a structured schedule of weigh-ins, goals, incentives, and strategies. I'm armed with everything I need, and I think my head is/will be in the right place. Merry Christmas, and stay tuned as I may recap/re-post some of my motivational stuff for myself before kicking it off!

(One other nugget- I am going to take a one-time sample pole dancing class next month, and may proceed with the classes on a regular basis if I like it. A pretty weird recreational activity, one might think, but I suspect it will be a unique combination of fun dance, fitness, better awareness of and attention to one's body, and of course a freeing fantasy experience without actually having to rip one's clothes off in public. I'll be sure to tell all, but I'm pretty confident I will love it after hearing my friend talk all about it. She got started earlier this year, and has gotten so serious they're hiring HER as a teacher now, too!)

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