Saturday, December 6, 2008


I am feeling happy tonight! I made it through my first week of work completely unscathed. I didn't have an easy time adjusting to the waking up/morning schedule, but we were on time (or within 5 minutes) every day. Adam adjusted just fine to being in school more often and for longer, and it didn't disrupt his amazing potty training progress (only one pair of soiled underwear in a week!) Our house did NOT go into hurricane mode, and the organization and tidiness I have recently achieved is completely intact. We had home cooked dinners this week and everything! One small debacle with that I had to laugh about, though- I made a crock pot roast and forgot to turn it on after I plugged it in, so that was a big goof, and the room temperature brown roast bit the big one.

Even more surprising than my ability to cope was the fact that I didn't even mind the job itself- it is less boring than I expected, and already the stuff I have learned this week will benefit my career in the long run. It's kinda freaky- I miss my time with Adam and I hate how early it gets dark before I can spend time with him, (and I am not focused on weight loss for myself yet,) but all-in-all, I am enjoying Christmas lights and music, relaxing, and feeling happy. :)

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