Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Rainbow! And random musings...

I saw a rainbow today. It probably has been about 10 years or so since I can remember having seen one. And I got to show it to my 3 year old, which was cool, too. :) To get all goofy and philosophical about it, it signifies a new beginning for this country, having been a bit battered of late. I am so happy that sweeping change is hopefully in the mix, with newness and optimism thrown in for good measure. I was so moved by the concession speech of John McCain, also, oddly enough, it was back to the cool guy everyone used to like, and I loved what he said and how earnestly he said it- a truly classy and proud American. To imagine how far this country has come to be able to elect to the highest office an amazing person who also happens to be of minority race is fantastic. Of course, being white myself I can't truly know what people experience day-to-day, but I have to hope that this would blast away the last of any "victimization" people might feel from the past history of discrimination, and know now that the racist people who still remain are not of any relevance, and therefore should not be considered a hindrance to success and happiness for anyone. I hope that is the case!

I guess I didn't send out a news bulletin to some of my friends/acquaintances, though, when I changed political teams a mere 3.5-4 years ago. My best friend and I apparently don't talk politics much, because when she asked me what I thought of last night and I said I was happy, she was fairly surprised! Likewise, at work, the people who are known to be republican (a minority there) still talk to me like I'm "one of them" when stuff like that comes up. It's kinda funny. :)

On the job front- another good omen- my fate is not sealed, but rather rests in the hands of the County Executive. My agency and the division that is attempting to hire me back full time has apparently decided they can afford me, and management has agreed it would be a good idea. But, it must get approval from that "head appointed guy" since there is a hiring freeze of late.

Other random thoughts for today:

I'd like to start letting this blog live up to its name by making daily or nearly daily entries. I think it is good therapy. If I do have any readers, apologies if it becomes TMI.

I'd also like to have more to say in this blog about the weight loss journey, which caused its beginning in earnest but has never quite gotten off the ground for long enough to stay aloft. Stay tuned, I haven't given up!

Lastly, my tongue is miserably cut up and swollen from the new additions to my braces. I'm not quite to the home stretch, but at least I am in the fourth quarter, and supposedly this is the last of crap to be added. Now it is just to be a rubber band ballet to get the final moves needed. Oy.

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