Friday, November 28, 2008

I am SO Thankful for so much! :)

So, it was my intent to write and reflect yesterday on Thanksgiving Day, but as usual, it is such a fun and busy holiday, I didn't want to spend any time away from my family the computer, so I am here today instead (but didn't finish until Sat. pm 'cause no downtime.) I LOVE Thanksgiving dearly, and as I think I've mentioned earlier it is my favorite day of the year. This year was even better than usual!

We spent the week with my mother-in-law visiting us, who I enjoy spending time with and wish she lived closer. Last weekend we took her to my parents' beach house to show her around and had a great time, despite the premature deep winter weather. The cute little victorian town has a beautiful Christmas season of events that started last weekend, and it was a blast. I even got to go to what I think was my first tree lighting ceremony ever!

In addition, over the last 3.5 days, my sweet 3 year and 3 month old boy was FINALLY ready to make some real progress potty training, and it has gone so well that shockingly is already in underwear instead of diapers except for sleeping. I know, I'm STILL trying to find my jaw on the floor! He's been in underwear for 2.5 days, (now 3.5 since I started writing this) and only 2 small accidents! That is so like him, too- starts most milestones super late, but then learns instantly. Phew, because I was really getting a lot of outside pressure and wasn't confident of how it would ever go! The transition to school should be interesting, but I've done my job. In addition to school, public outings should be interesting too. He went fine at my parents house on Thanksgiving, but we haven't been to any "public" potties yet... (A day later he is afraid to poo after having had initial success, stay tuned or not...)

So, we have Thanksgiving every year at my parents house, who live nearby, and we also have every year my mother-in-law, my aunt and uncle, and my grandmother. I contributed my signature garlic redskin mashed potatoes, my apple pie (this year upgraded to Honeycrisp apples, there is NO going back!) and I added a new dish, mashed sweet potatoes. Cinnamon, brown sugar, fresh not canned, and NO marshmallows. Actually, I was never a big fan until having a kid who eats them, but I might have liked them BETTER than the white potatoes! Everyone was happy, the food was good, and it was a joy to show off how much Adam has progressed since the last time they each saw him. I thought all day about how thankful I am to have such an awesome family, despite split factions in my mom's side of a larger family that we don't get to see much anymore. And despite the reduction in time with my boy that is to come, I am grateful to have acquired a decent paying job in a poopy economy, and that I was getting paid already for the holiday. I am grateful to have a husband that I love, a sweet awesome son who I still can't get over how much he impresses me every day, and wonderful family and friends.

So, for a life's update: my house is still in marvelous order, and I am only a couple of hours worth of filing paper away from achieving perfection. We are going to put up our Christmas tree today, like we do every year, and we're having the family over for dinner tonight before my aunt and uncle leave tomorrow. Shopping at the outlets this afternoon, too. I'm feeling moderately ready to deal with going back to work full time, and we'll see what happens! (Update- shopping was MADNESS because they were overcompensating for the bad economy and practically giving stuff away. It was amazing, but a frightening mass of humanity!)

However, now amid all these big changes I STILL need to change my fitness and eating habits!!!

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