Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I'm Feeling Super Crabby Today.

My new sandals are too tight to the point I had to take them off (at work), and I hate returning stuff.

My son was home sick yesterday and is still crabby as heck today.

My husband is not feeling well and is also crabby as heck.

I didn't get as much done as I wanted to on my work at home day yesterday (either for work OR around the house!)

My pre and during cycle munchies haven't let up post-cycle like they usually do. I'm alternating between eating things I shouldn't and being crabby I did, and trying not to and being crabby I'm not.

A pair of cute new pants I'm wearing are cut a little too low. They seemingly fit, but I'm looking a little muffin topish, which sucks.

Another cute new shirt I got looked stylish in the store, but looks decidedly maternity shaped on me when I put it on at home.

I would be excited that I'm getting my long overdue hair cut and highlighted today, in time for upcoming events, but it's making my husband crabby that my schedule is so jam packed lately. I guess I don't blame him.

I hate that my feelings can be so roller coasterey from day-to-day. I had a really nice weekend, but I'm crabby already by Tuesday. :(

Footnote: I apologized for being so busy, and dear husband apologized for being so crabby. He's very sweet, and that part is all good. I feel a little bit better, anyway. Hopefully a smiling little boy face at the end of the day will make it go up even a little bit more! I could really stand to jam some dance music into my headphones while I plow through my work, but alas I forgot both the music and the 'phones at home...

Footnote 2: Sweet boy face after work was nice.

Footnote 3: I love my haircut and am going to stick with the new stylist. Closer still to home than where I was, and much cheaper.

Footnote 4: Husband not sure about haircut. Small boy was a miserable beast at bedtime...

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