Saturday, May 16, 2009

Pole Position

I finally got to use my pole to practice dancing tonight, and I love it!! Yes, I bought it three weeks ago, and yes, it was hideously expensive, and really only justifiable if it is going to do me some good. But, as you probably know, I've still been struggling to find some balance in my life lately and have been wading through a fairly full schedule and a cluttered, tired mind, so I hadn't gotten any use out of it just yet. Well, tonight I busted it out and really busted a move! I needed the practice because we have to do our "graduation" routine on Wednesday and I've been sucking at it. I've now got two CDs full of perfect music, including the songs for the couple of routines we have learned/are learning. The current Level 2 routine is to "Bright Lights" by Matchbox 20. It was awesomely fun, a great one hour workout, and definitely even more "freeing" than dancing in the group class, since no one else was watching. ;)

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