Thursday, May 14, 2009

My Week

Since Sunday of Mother's Day, I do feel like I've been doing better. On Monday I didn't get in a formal workout, but I did so many loads of laundry and tidied up and carried so many things up and down the stairs between our three levels that by the end of the evening I felt like I had worked out, in my back, my arms, and my legs (two birds with one stone!) Tuesday afternoon I took a fantastic long brisk walk up hills with my husband and our son in the stroller, and enjoyed the beautiful outdoors together. (Again, two birds with one stone- family relaxing/bonding and a workout.) We ended with healthy food from Subway for dinner.

Last night was my usual Wednesday night pole dance class, and it was a tough one! Last week she gave us a break and taught us a chair routine, which is fun but not nearly as taxing. Last night all of a sudden she wants us to start doing a lot of the spins we've learned with one arm instead of two. (Half these spins I am barely hanging on with two arms!!) Tonight we're planning another family walk, if it doesn't rain again here in lovely "East Coast Seattle" (I'm pondering ark designs at this point.) Tomorrow night I am going to use my new home pole to practice the routine for our Level 2 "graduation". (Thank goodness that doesn't really mean anything, or I'd be cooked!) So, although I am still hoping to do better to incorporate more exercise such as weightlifting and starting the swim portion of my tri training, I'm doing alright with keeping moving most days.

On the food front, I will say I'm doing better MOST days. Except for yesterday, when I went on a completely bingy eating bender, but I'm mostly back on track today, hopefully unscathed. I just went to the store and stocked up on stuff to keep here at work for healthy snacks, backup lunch options if I don't manage to pack any, and even some breakfast foods for those days I'm REALLY struggling to get to work on time! I've done that before, but the key is to actually use those supplies, and to keep them stocked, so I'm not tempted to go other less healthy ways in a pinch (which usually happens every single day, it seems.) Home has been well stocked with healthy stuff for a while, and based on how well my husband is doing, that's not been so much of my challenge, although I still do need to curb down the portions and snacking, even if it is on healthy foods, because they still have plenty of calories if you eat enough of them.

Friday night when I'm home and not busy, after the boy goes to bed, and after I practice my pole routine a bit, I am going to continue with the Bob Harper book and self analysis. I really think he had some good things to say about a thought process to go through to get your head in the right place for taking better care of yourself, and that weight loss can follow much more easily. Considering I've been trying to get my head in the right place since last August, it's worth a shot! Also, I think I can manage a quasi-daily blog entry if I do it the way I'm doing this one- write it early in the day, email it home to myself, and then post it in the evening, with annotations of any other thoughts/updates from the remainder of the day. I can't seem to make time in the morning at home and we're not allowed to blog at work, but by the time I get home I've often not felt like spending more than a couple of minutes on the computer. So, not enough time for a full written analysis, but it should be perfect for throwing in an already written post with an additional note or two!

Lastly, I'm a sad for my Caps. They got beaten by a slightly better team, but they played the series with so much heart and fight, it was a big, fat, undeserved bummer to have such a good season end on such a sucky blowout note. I was thrilled to see the fans cheering their heads off at the end anyway, though, 'cause those guys deserved it. Seeing that place bathed in a solid swath of red for so much of the regular season, and even moreso during the playoffs was awesome. Bandwagoners or not, I'm so pleased we finally have some budding hockey fans in this town!!! :)

(Added later-) So tonight it didn't rain (when it mattered), and instead of family walk, we got it together late so it became solo jog for me. Which is less social, but a much tougher workout. My legs felt like lead, but I pushed myself to jog without stopping, and I went 2.5 miles in 35 minutes. Not bad for brick legs! Finished it off with a healthier dinner than I would have normally chosen (chicken fajitas, minimal cheese/sour cream) at a nearby restaurant. All in all a good day!

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