Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Random Pre-Vacation Wednesday Thoughts

I love my haircut. It is waaaaay shorter than it was, especially in the back. I guess you could describe it as the "Victoria Beckham" -ish look, a short bob that is even shorter in the back (up to my hairline) and curves down slightly longer in the front down to my chin. Nice brightening it up with highlights, too. Sweet husband, after going to the gym and getting back, decided he liked it after all, he had just been a little shocked initially (I had lazily let it grow a little longer than shoulder length.) Naturally, I couldn't style it this morning quite as well as my new chick did, but hopefully I'll get better at it, and it still looks good. No more hiding in a pony tail for a while, because there isn't any hair left to make one! My son even said "Mommy, you cut your pony tail off!" The stylist said it's going to need cutting more often than I'm used to, also, but it'll be worth it to be forced to look half decent all of the time! Also, I pulled the "use 10 times more shampoo than you need for what little hair you have left" move this morning in the shower, and wasted a giant glob of it. Pretty funny.

Hm, guess that was only one random thought...

On the weight/food/exercise front, my eating today has ramped back down to average, not eating amazingly, but not eating so terribly, either. Tonight's workout is the Level 2 class "graduation" at DivaFit, our song to perform to is "Bright Lights" by Matchbox 20. Tough routine, so thank goodness we do it in a bunch, half the class at a time. Definitely a couple of moves I can't really do very well, but I'm hoping to pull it off to at least look good! :)

Footnote- it went great, I had a blast, and we were issued pink thongs. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!

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