Monday, May 4, 2009

May 4, 2009

Current Weight: 195
Starting Weight: 200
(Highest Weight: 205)
Goal Weight, initial: 150
(Goal Weight, ultimate: 140)

Improvements Made:
I no longer eat chocolate.
I am starting (since yesterday, anyway) to drink more water throughout the day instead of diet soda, and skim milk (for more protein!) with meals.
My eating "slip-ups" end sooner and are less extreme.
I've taken up a new athletic activity, in addition to rekindling old ones.
It bothers me when I'm not getting to the gym often enough.
Some of my biggest "fat" clothes are too big.
I can run.  And I like it.
I have more people than ever being supportive of me.
I am continuing to learn more about the way I think and feel, and ways to improve upon that as it relates to weight loss and life in general.
I have somewhat more energy.

Improvements Needed:
I need to focus on my goals every day and not let myself fall back into old habits and go on autopilot when things get too busy, which is often.
I need to have better dedication to myself.  I make and break new "plans" every day/week.
Workouts need to be more frequent.
I need to WRITE DOWN MY FOOD in my journal.  Period.  I do it for a day or two here and there, but I always stop, and eventually return to eating whatever and however much.  It'll never happen that way.

Reminders of why I want it/when I want it by:

August 9, 2009- Sprint Triathlon.  Would be a major achievement to return to triathlon and actually perform instead of survive as in events past.  Also need to be lighter and more fit to contend with August heat.

October 9-10, 2009- High School Reunion, 20 years.  I would love to actually look even better than I did in high school (I was not slender and fit then, either) and not be self conscious of how I've "let myself go" further after this many years.  It'd be great to socialize without knowing I'm being negatively analyzed.  (I know I am the same way and definitely notice how other people look!)

October 17-21, 2009- VEGAS!!!  I've talked before about how much it would mean to me to look fantastic and be able to dress like it.  Enough said.

October 31, 2009- Halloween!  As much as it is a weird reflection on society that the vast majority of women's Halloween costumes are suggestive in theme and style, I'd love to join in on the fun and wear one, too.

Toward the end of 2009- DivaFit graduation show- requires that I continue to become fit enough in the meantime to even GET to the point of graduating from Level 6, but I would love to learn all of those moves by the end of the year and then strut my stuff!!

Short term re-commitment:
Continue drinking more water.
Continue focusing on increasing protein and decreasing empty starches, increased produce.
Begin documenting Weight Watchers Points again and truly begin and stay on the program.
Take my "theoretical" workout schedule plans and make a real, monthly schedule that I work aggressively to stick to.  Where something has to give, schedule a "make up".
Keep focus in part by using this blog as a sounding board and a reminder on a daily or semi-daily basis (as I've pledged to do before and not carried through on!)

Go, me!

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