Friday, May 29, 2009

To Do Today

So, in addition to working 8 hours that need to be super-productive at my job today (Thursday, but I think it has turned Friday by the time I am posting this), I need to make a couple of wedding calls, bake cookies and deliver them to our new next door neighbors, and fit in a workout. Tonight and/or tomorrow night after another 8 hour workday I also need to clean up our main level and put up the decorations for a luau-themed poker night, figure out how to set up a wedding aisle runner that is in the package on a roll (does it need to be measured and cut, how to finish the edges (?), and I don't even know what dimensions I'll need- she didn't tell me I was doing this part!) Plus for the end of aisle reserved bows, all she handed me was a roll of ribbon, so I need to look up how to tie them. Also need to check the progress of the flower crystals soaking in water and decide if I need to prepare more of them, buy and wrap a kid's birthday gift for Saturday, and start major laundry because everything I need to wear this weekend is dirty. And I need to try to clean out the lint trap with a vacuum hose because our dryer doesn't seem to be working right. And write up the wedding schedule and my to do list for the setup part. Such is my life this week, aack!@@%#@!!!!!

PLUS I need to pick up my Dad's van Friday night, and fill out the registration forms that are already due for the kid's coming school year. And mail a check we owe for playoff tickets.

Later footnote upon posting: had moderate productivity (could have been better), soaked the flower crystals which took up the water nicely and look great, didn't make the calls yet, didn't bake the cookies yet (not clear if they were home until too late), and didn't work out. Did buy the birthday present, put up a few luau decorations, and participated in a joint effort to diagnose and fix the dryer. Results are pending with partially started laundry. I'm exhausted, but as has been my way this week I am still staying up late to "escape" on the computer...

So, be honest, with posts like this, is this just too much totally boring personal information, or what? I know this blog started as a weight loss journey, and after about 10 months I haven't travelled very far in that regard, but babbling to a real source is somehow therapeutic for me. I try to include the aspects of weight loss progress or not with such postings. Apologies if it is not particularly intriguing for you! As much as I'd like to, I can't talk about spinning around a pole and writhing on the floor every day. ;)

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