Monday, May 4, 2009

Not Feeling Well- Too Much Pressure? (written April 23)

So, first of all, I'm thrilled to report that I bought a pole last night, so I can practice outside of my weekly class.  It's removable, and I'm going to use it in the garage, so "the kid" doesn't have to know about it.  Many moms in the class have said they have them in their house and leave it up, telling their kids it's a fireman's pole, so they think it's their plaything.  I figure when those kids grow up to a certain point they might figure it out and be a little weirded out by that, so I'm choosing not to go there.  Besides, not every person that ever visits or sees the inside of my house might be as open minded about the subject!


Anyway, I was all excited for class once I bought it, and had been looking forward to class all day.  It was going well, but I was feeling a little bit lower energy than usual.  Then toward the end of our routine practice, I started feeling a little oogy, then a little dizzy, then a lot dizzy and even a little nauseous.  I had to stop, leave the room, head to the bathroom, I almost threw up but didn't, then after a few minutes and some water on my face I got a handle on it.  I didn't do the floor work, and I was ok to drive, but still didn't feel quite right even after getting home.  I thought it might be because I was trying to eat healthier and maybe just hadn't eaten enough, but eating didn't seem to help and all I wanted to do was go to bed, so I did.  (And no, I'm not pregnant.  No woman of childbearing age can have a discussion about not feeling well without that immediately coming up, but that definitely isn't it.)


Now today I do not feel dizzy anymore per se, but I feel very tired and a little off.  After doing some thinking, and remembering I had felt a little dizzy for a couple of days about a month or so ago, too, not from anything related to the pole, I have a number of theories.  (My husband's reaction was, of course you are dizzy, you were spinning around a pole!  Of course, this did not happen in any of the other 12-13 classes I've taken, and it did not stop once I stopped spinning, so I'm hoping and assuming that isn't a direct cause.)  And the last time it happened I read up about it, and apparently dizziness isn't cause for grave medical concern unless it accompanies various other symptoms that I don't have, or unless it persists longer than a few days, which last time it didn't and hopefully this time it won't either.  My theories on possible reasons are as follows:


1) I generally do not get enough sleep.  I have a terrible lack of discipline in this regard.  It often catches up to me, and when it does I can be very physically miserable.  Usually nausea more than anything else.  A distinct possibility.


2) I'm not as consistent as I need to be with taking my medicines, which include among other things blood pressure medication.  Now, I've been erratic with it before and not noticed any effects, but it is certainly plausible and a logical symptom of it not being where it should be according to medical books.  No way for my doc to tell unless I monitor it for a while, which I really should (I have a home monitor.)  I think I will, because if I do decide to talk to her about it it will make her very happy to have the needed info to judge the situation, obviously.


3) Less likely but also a possibility maybe with exercising and improving now I don't need the same medicine or as much?  Usually that only happens when people really change and lose the weight, so again, not likely.  Again, see above for monitoring, I definitely need to for about a week or so.


4) Underlying stresses.  I'm one of those weird people that suffers from stress at indirect times from the actual event or issue.  Under immediate pressure I perform well, but I definitely feel the effects at times of low-grade anxiety from things that are vaguely imminent.  This was the case in the latter part of college for me.  Right now I am starting wedding season, and I have 4 weddings coming up over the next month and a half.  While I don't feel specifically stressed about any one aspect, I feel sort of overwhelmed by the big picture, as I booked all this when I wasn't working full time, and I think it is going to be a bit much to be comfortable. 


Anyway, bottom line is I need to try to get more sleep, start monitoring my blood pressure for the next week or two, and after getting through my spring weddings, perhaps reassess how the business can continue to fit into my full time working schedule.  And yes, I do think some of my goals in my last post are a bit too lofty, I think that if I can do some things better and take better care of myself too, that should suffice.   :)

May 4 follow-up note:

I later figured out that it was probably my allergies bothering me, perhaps made more noticeable by the stress.  I have a friend who gets very similar allergy symptoms as me, and she was telling me how she kept getting dizzy that same day while out on a walk- I hadn't taken my allergy meds, the pollen count was really high that day, and all the windows were open that night (which is unusual) in the studio.  Anyway, the rest is still applicable, though...

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