Friday, January 4, 2013

Hellooooooo, 2013.

Welcome. So nice to see you! FYI, I wasn’t particularly impressed with your predecessor, 2012. Don’t get me wrong, nothing BAD happened in my life (frantically knocking on wood!) My family and friends and health are all intact, my job and finances have remained stable, I didn’t have to deal with any major life changes in the past year, and all is generally well. We even took a spectacular, not-many-times-in-a-lifetime vacation to Hawaii in the spring, which was outstanding! But other than that, over the past year, the day-to-day was moderately blah. Just plodding along, trying to manage obligations, getting overloaded, overstressed, and overtired easily, working to get through the next day/thing/deadline, and as a result? My personal care, weight, and fitness have continued to stink it up more than ever. I keep reaching all-time weight highs, only to later reach another new one. It’s madness! Sheer, psychotic, horrendous madness. Simple, daily things like climbing stairs, carrying things, bending over, etc. have gotten progressively more uncomfortable as my waistline expands. I keep buying bigger, more “camoflagey” clothes, and it’s not working, I truly look heavy now. I avoid being in pictures as much as possible. I am always tired, except when I first wake up, IF I got enough sleep, which I rarely have the discipline to do. As a result of being tired and stressed a lot I am also cranky a lot, which is not good for me or the family. In a nutshell, I am in overweight hell, and it feeds on itself at an alarming rate. Being unfit and overweight makes one tired and lazy (and cranky), and being tired and lazy makes one progressively less fit (and cranky). Looking and feeling terrible makes one eat excessively, and eating excessively makes one look and feel terrible (and cranky!)

2013, please be as different as I intend you to be, I have to break this cycle for my own sanity. Brain, please cooperate as I reshape your way of thinking about food, and as I try to trick you into progressively increasing motivation for moving more. Success, please be generous. Failure, please be gentle and fleeting. Let’s do this.

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