Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Pink Called It

I am having myself a craptacular morning. Want to hear about it? I hope so, 'cause I feel like whining about it. Here's the recipe:

Step 1, mess up the one thing that your easily stressed out kid stresses out the most about by forgetting to finish the laundry, and start the day with him having stressey tantrums while the needed pants are in the dryer.
Step 2, get feedback from your boss, to whom you are trying to appear worthy of promotion to an available management position, that you didn't get the issue right on a zoning determination letter you drafted.
Step 3, have the requestor of that letter that you didn't get right invite you and your boss to a meeting to discuss those issues that you told her over the phone prematurely and incorrectly.
Step 4: Be bummed because the one social event I look forward to the most each month is being delayed and everyone sounds really lackluster about it.
Step 5: Have an overload of other work you have to deal with and be low on energy because you ate poorly yesterday and skipped your planned workout.

Stir together, and prepare to belt out the lyrics to Pink's "Blow Me (One Less Kiss). All together now: "I've had a $h*t day!" "I've had a $h*t day!"

Yesterday I had a bunch of more positive stuff to say, including discussing my beloved Biggest Loser 2 night premiere, but I didn't get around to it. I'll try to get back to that later. Thanks for listening.

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