Sunday, January 13, 2013

Long "Run" Saturday

Saturday morning I walked 4 miles.  Still at a very slow pace, but a teeny bit faster per mile than I have been managing of late.  And I did not end up feeling as sore as I have been either during or after.  This is progress!  It was gorgeous out, unseasonably warm, sunny, and crisp.  I even enjoyed some nature along the way of my suburban saunter, in the form of evergreen bushes with zillions of tiny but very pretty bright blue berries, a long line of maple trees that had little tiny palm-sized bird nests in almost every one, a cacophony of bird chirping coming from one particular tree that turned out to have about 10 in it rather than the 50 they sounded like, cattails bursting with fuzz that looked ready to take flight, shriveled up berries and leaf buds on the tree in my yard that is clearly confused by the movement between warm and cold weather lately, a couple of dogs being walked stopping to sniff each other hello, a minefield of goose poop near the pond where they frequently gather (although they were missing today), and a gorgeous black and white cat gazing out of someone's window, looking extremely photogenic but I didn't want to be arrested for being a peeping tom.  Not bad for winter- in other seasons it really gets wonderful, I just love our neighborhood.

Sunday I aim to fit in another workout of sorts, but that might be dicey.  The husband needs to get some work in, and I don't have a solid idea of what my day will look like.  We'll see.

Oh, and I'm TOYING with training for a half marathon in June.  I know, that probably sounds ludicrous, but I found a couch to half marathon training program that actually sounds plausible, both in terms of my starting fitness point and the progression of the training.  I'm not registering and ponying up the cash for the event just yet, but I am going to spend the next few weeks preparing to start the program, start it at the prescribed date, and if it seems to be going well and the race is not full I'll likely do it.  I've done a lot of races before, and they can be motivating, but I've also signed up for and bailed on some, and I don't want that to happen again.  I want to make sure I am really committed.

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